A Little About Our Company

We have been doing business in Las Vegas for over 10 years and have completed hundreds of website design and development projects

Our specialty is building custom websites that are designed and developed to your specifications.

Who IsVegas Web Design?

My name is Justin Davis and I am the owner and operator of Vegas Web Design. Vegas Web Design is a family owned web design and web development company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and we help small to medium sized businesses with their online/web presence. We work with many business verticals such as Real Estate, Home Improvement, Transportation and (our favorite) the Off-Road Industry.

I started Vegas Web Design in 2010 because there was a serious need for a “good web guy“! I had owned other businesses prior to Vegas Web Design and had always had a hard time finding a reliable, trustworthy web design company that could do what they say they would do. My background is in Business Management, Marketing and Business Development so starting and running a web design company was a natural fit for me. I now get to help other people grow their businesses using the skills and techniques I have gained in my past 25 years of business experience.

When I am not in the office I am usually out driving off-road vehicles (Side-by-Sides) on the trails or out in the sand dunes! More than anything, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and friends! If you see the VWD Polaris RZR on the trails, or in the dunes, make sure to flag me down and say hi! I would love to give you a free  Website Tune-Up!

So… How Do We Do What We Do?

Well…. It’s a little complicated, but here is the short, short version!

Our firs step is to create the design. Our team of expert designers and developers will take your ideas and blend them with our creativity to create a stunning and engaging set of graphical assets.

Once we have the graphics created we will use the latest open source web technologies to create responsive and mobile friendly web pages from the designs.

After your web pages are built we will load your content such as text, videos and images into the pages so that they give the best online representation of your business.

Our final step is to do a quality control “test” run through your entire website to make sure everything works as it should and if we find bugs, we fix them along the way.

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