How can I integrate Artificial Intelligence AI into my business?

How can I integrate Artificial Intelligence AI into my business

How can I integrate Artificial Intelligence AI into my business? That is the question we are hearing and want to help answer for you today. With all the talk about AI and its recent progressions people are wondering how they can leverage AI to increase performance and efficiency in their businesses while maintaining similar, or less, operating budgets.

AI is set to revolutionize the world and will greatly transform the way many of us work and do business in the future; specifically anything tied to our digital ecosystem! AI development is now at a point that it can accept input, “learn” and do many things with the input such as develop automated responses, develop algorithms, predict outcomes of data driven scenarios with high percentage rates, write essay’s, write code and so on. All of which can be used to assist humans in their daily processes. However AI is not mature enough yet to do these tasks 100% on their own or without human review.

The trick that we have found with AI is to “Humanize The Output” of the AI model. There are many models, or tools, available today to start using AI. For example chatGPT is an online AI tool which is the most popular (at the time of this writing) for conversational based AI. This tool takes input in the form of text in a conversational way sort of like you were talking to a peer or coworker. Once your conversation text is submitted to the AI model it responds with a response that is somewhat generic. This is where the “Humanizing” comes into play. The responses from an AI model such as chatGPT should be used as an idea, or a starting point, or a helper of how you would humanly respond or solve the problem. Emotion, accents, emphasis, branding, et cetera will need to added to the response to make it more “human like” and to make it resonate with your audience.

So what exactly can we use Artificial Intelligence AI for in our business?

Again that was the original question… Below are a few ideas we have found where AI can be used in your business today.

  • Content Topic Ideas
  • Content outlines
  • Copywriting assistance
  • Code writing assistance
  • Code & Bug Problem Solving
  • Video Content Ideas
  • Video Script Writing
  • Email Responses
  • Brainstorming product/hook ideas
  • Market research
  • Social posts
  • Social Strategy
  • Social post reformatting for different platforms
  • Google Review Responses
  • Assistance with SOPs
  • Building comparison tables
  • Audience Personas
  • SEO Keywords
  • Marketing Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Agendas
  • Project Outlines
  • Image Generation
  • And many more….

I bet you are wondering if we are using AI in our business.

The short answer to this question is NO. We are not currently using AI in any form for any of our customer’s live or production projects. We have built many automation tools for our clients such as automated email messages, automated text messages, automated email responses, and things of that nature but none are based on any learning or heavy variable inputs. As our business evolves, we do see that there are many opportunities for leveraging AI in the future and we are currently testing it with code review, code bug fixing, and to assist with marketing ideas. We feel that integrating some level of AI into our business will allow is to improve the quality of our service, improve efficiency within our business and maintain our current operating budget.

If you have questions about Artificial Intelligence / AI technologies and how it might benefit your business or if need assistance integrating an AI Technology into your business please reach out to us. We would love to help you!

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